TBC-5356 – Automatic touch-brush cleaning machine for PCBAs single side

Through inline transmission technology, the equipment adopts a touch-brush method to carry out a complete cleaning process including cleaning-agent cleaning, DI water rinsing, and hot air drying for the flux residue on the PCBA surface after wave solder, with high cleanliness, cleaning efficiency, and perfect replacement of manual labor.

Features and benefits

  • Specially designed for flux removal after wave soldering
  • Environment-friendly, automatic cleaning mode, avoids the operator contact with chemical liquid directly
  • The unique combination in rolling brush ensures the cleanliness
  • The maximum washable PCBA of 350mm in length and width
  • The cleaned back is supported by adjustable top pin to avoid deformation of large size PCBA
  • Humanized design of the equipment, easy to remove and install the rolling brush
  • Join up wave soldering machine, online cleaning automatically



Outline size (mm)
L2600 x W975 x H1550
Power Supply Voltage
AC 220V/ 50Hz
Total power (kW)
Air supply pressure
0.4 ~ 0.6 MPa
Storage tank capacity

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