Solve almost all of challenges raising during process of traditional potting, sealing and conformal coating for electronic protecting application

Electronic components need to be protected against moisture, dust dirt, vibration, and even temperature. Low Pressure Molding is an advanced method to take charge of this function with a gentle but reliable encapsulation around the electronic assemblies, especially the delicate ones.

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Main Advantages:

  • Sustainable and reworkable 1K Materials
  • Excellence of moisture, chemical and high-temperature resistance; Watertight encapsulation; Good mechanical strength
  • Simple process – fast cycle times

Mold Set used for Low Pressure Molding differs from these other types of mold used in traditional high-pressure molding. In particular, we have to take some different aspects including materials, dimensions cavity design, etc. into consideration when designing

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compatible with materials like copolyesters and polyamides. With very low injection pressure (20 ~ 500psi), our machine is confident to mold, seal, encapsulate to protect the most delicate electronic components

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