Automated System

In mass production, every second is precious

Our Fully Automated System Series is designed to meet the strictest requirements of fluid dispensing tasks in the production line (from product input to dispensing and curing process). Industrial fluid materials as adhesives, sealants, thermal compounds, … are currently playing an important role in the manufacturing process of variable industries including automotive, electronics, medical, lighting as well as power, and so on.

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Having experience in single dispensing applications, GLUDITEC can say that a Fully Automated Dispensing System acquires two main benefits as follow:

Solve Adhesive Issues

working with adhesives (and other high-value materials) requires a number of key circumstances in the ­assembly cell that needed to be addressed. Of particular importance was the ability to accurately meter out the selected adhesive in a precise amount and position.

Automatic Process

The integration of the robotic system into the manufacturing flow has allowed several manufacturers to optimize their manufacturing process in an effort to leverage the capacities of automation (by automating a previously manual operation).

However, according to the invested cost and desirable automatic level, the manufacturers can make decisions on which type of dispensing systems they will apply. GLUDITEC offers a wide range of systems to meet the most strict requirements:

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