CPC-106 – Automatic centrifugal dust cleaning machine

The primary purpose of CPC-106 is to remove micro dust particles from the surface of the camera module. This is achieved through high-pressure pure water washing and gas two-fluid cleaning, which effectively targets and eliminates dust on components such as Holder, CMOS ontology, and Wafer.

Features and benefits

  • Centrifugal speed adjustable + amplitude real-time monitoring
  • Mirror stainless steel structure with a process observation window. Compact appearance is suitable for small areas
  • Professional design, multi-stage filtration, no secondary pollution
  • Low energy consumption, low operating noise, friendly environment
  • Uniform atomization effect, uniform pressure of the two-fluid, safe and stable operation
  • The whole system is monitored by instrument and equipped with alarm device
  • Pure water automatic pressure filtration, ensure the cleaning effect


Basket diameter (mm)
Cleaning method
High pressure water/ pressure air two-fluid cleaning
Basket rotating range
Centrifugal cleaning pressure (kg)
1.5 ~ 14
Voltage/ Frequency (V/ Hz)
380/ 50
Air filter precision (micromet)
0.1/ 0.01
Particle diameter (micromet)
Outline size (mm)
L1100 x W860 x H1750

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