Gaining Competitive Advantage with Cobot - Innovative Automated Solution

Cobot, or collaborative robot, has 6 flexible axes which enable it to perform complicated movements that simulate the functions of a human arm. It helps to automate and improve the productivity of complex dispensing applications in non-optimal working environments.

Moreover, cobots also ensure safe human-machine interaction on the assembly line due to the advanced detection function. That’s why there is not any safety fence around cobots like with other industrial robots. Therefore, cobot can help corporations deal with labor and skill shortages as well as enhance working conditions for workers.

GLUDITEC provides different types of cobots regarding size, payload, working envelopes, etc.

GCS is a platform-level cobot providing enhanced safety, expandability, ease of use, and ensures rapid ROI.

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GCB Series can guarantee 35,000 hours of uptime without maintenance with its speed, flexibility, and leading price-quality ratio.

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