SCC-156-3 – Automatic scraper cleaning machine

According to the traditional solvent ultrasonic cleaning scraper, the device is the integrated use of spraying and ultrasonic cleaning mode, which help to adopt efficient green environmental friendly water-based cleaning process, spraying cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning and spraying rinsing.

The solvent ultrasonic cleaning method of scraper has been revolutionized and innovated with the function such as high pressure fan blow drying, good cleaning effect, few consumption of liquid, and perfect fusion.

Features and benefits

  • The integration of cleaning, rinsing, drying and makes it easy to use immediately
  • For water-based cleaning process design, environmental protection and safety, low operating cost
  • Equipped with two filtration system of real-time circulation to utilize the efficiency of cleaning liquid
  • PLC control, one-button operation, man-machine friendly, simple and easy to use
  • The device is compact in size, powerful in function and high in practicability



Outline dimension (mm)
1200 x 1100 x 1750
Number of disposable cleaning scrapers (pcs)
4 ~ 6
Cleaning tank volume (L)
50 + 25
Rinsing tank volume (L)
Cleaning, rinsing and drying time (min)
10 ~ 20
Total power (kW)
Ultrasonic power/ frequency
1.9kW/ 28 kHz

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