Offline Cleaning System

Cleaners are designed to provide maximum in process flexibility and capability

  • The optimal utilization of spray bars, manifolds, and pumps allows for enhanced process versatility and superior performance.
  • With the Gluditec misprint feature, it is possible to de-flux side A and clean side B misprints concurrently, ensuring that no solder spheres are re-deposited onto the PCB.
  • Enhancing its capabilities, the GLUDITEC now boasts an integrated chemistry concentration monitoring system. With this new software integration, all chemistry concentration parameters are seamlessly incorporated into the machine’s operations. Users can define custom alarm functions for each percentage, ensuring accurate monitoring and control.
  • Furthermore, all parameters are meticulously logged as data for thorough traceability and trend analysis purposes. It is important to note that this advanced feature is exclusively available for specific chemistry types and brands.
  • Field upgrades: GLUDITEC ensures a thorough evaluation of the practicality of the technologies intended for field upgrades, enabling current users to enhance their equipment with cutting-edge advancements. To explore the availability of new technologies for field upgrades, please consult your local sales representative.

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