Each adhesive is unique, but adhesive families tend to share certain characteristics for which they perform well.

For example:

  • Acrylic: offer great strength and design flexibility
  • Epoxy: provide excellent durability and resistance to environmental extremes
  • PUR: ideal for creating strong, flexible bonds between dissimilar materials.
  • Cyanoacrylate: reach handling strength in 5-10 seconds and achieve extremely high tensile strengths

To address these challenges, the GLUDITEC catalogue provides comprehensive information sets on each of our structural adhesives, alongside proven cases for specific industrial bonding, sealing and assembly applications. Additionally, easy-to-use packages for hand-held, manual, and semi-automated applications, including cartridges, syringes, soft-squeeze bottles and dual cartridges for two-part formulations are available. Whatever your requirements, the GLUDITEC team is on hand to offer advice and guidance on the best materials for your design, process, or industry.

Exceptional chemical and heat resistance, excellent adhesion and water resistance as well as satisfactory mechanical and electrical insulating properties.

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Based on elastomeric technology, silicone adhesives offer unparalleled flexibility and exceptionally high heat resistance, making them suitable for a wide range of applications in the electrical, electronic, automotive, aerospace and construction industries.

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Polyurethane Adhesives offer a good blend of cohesive strength and flexibility which makes them very tough, durable adhesives. Polyurethanes bond well to most unconditioned substrates and may require the use of solvent-based primers to achieve high bond strengths. They offer good toughness at low temperatures.

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Besides, acrylic is also used as the main chemical base for non-silicone products thanks to its more environmental friendly features. Acrylic is widely used to design UV Adhesive in Electronics, Automotive, Medical and other manufacturing industries.

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Silane-modified polymers (SMPs) are particularly suitable for formulating elastic adhesives, sealants, and coatings. GLUDITEC modified-base systems are mostly designed as 1-part (1-K) products that cure through a polycondensation reaction using moisture in the ambient air or substrate to harden.

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