PSC-1100D – Automatic silk screen spraying cleaning machine

PSC-1100D is a gas-electric mixed spray screen cleaner, which is applied to the cleaning of printing silver paste, UV ink, thermosetting ink, aluminum paste screen board, etc. This product adopts gas-electric hybrid technology, adopts nontraditional rotary scanning cleaning method, and works with PLC control and efficient gas-electric isolation measures.

Compared with the traditional pure pneumatic rotary spray, the control accuracy, the stability and reliability of key components are higher. PS-1000D can use special cleaning fluid to complete efficient cleaning according to different cleaning objects.

Features and benefits

  • The equipment adopts three-stage high precision filtration system, the cleaning fluid can be used repeatedly
  • Double process of cleaning and rinsing
  • Different cleaning fluid can be placed in the cleaning and rinsing tank to meet different requirements
  • Spray pressure can be shown and adjusted, suitable for different screen and mesh cleaning
  • Large cleaning area, up to 1200x1000mm (over 1.2×1.0m special size screen needs non-standard design)
  • PLC+ touch screen control, simple and intuitive parameter setting, higher control accuracy



Outline (mm)
L1150 x W850 x H2150
Screen max size (mm)
L1200 x W1000 x H40
Tank volume (L)
35 x 2
Cleaning time (min)
3 ~ 10
Drying time (min)
3 ~ 5
Voltage/ Freq (V/ Hz)
220/ 50
Air supply pressure (MPa)
0.4 ~ 0.7

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