Vacuum Mixing & Dispensing System

Air entrapment or gas bubbles are one of the most common causes of poor potting results.

Conventional metering and dispensing methods, however, often bring air-trapped tiny gaps to electronic components, which break the insulating cover and diminish or even ruin high-voltage resistivity. In short term, it is not a big problem. However, in long term, voids gradually can subvert the very purpose of the encapsulating polymer, by compromising thermal conductivity and heat dissipation, or the electrical insulation properties. Day by day, voids and delamination provide pathways for moisture or other contaminants which can lead to short circuits or chemical damage, especially in the miniaturized and complicated structure components. Air Bubble is the main reason leading to all these failures.

To get the risk of void gaps and completely bubble-free results, manufacturers need a total vacuum potting solution, from potting medium determination (not every potting material can handle a significant reduction in pressure) to material preparation, feeding to the actual component potting itself.

GLUDITEC vacuum system could cover a wide range of electronic potting requirements. Semi Automated System for LAB testing and trial run or Fully Automated Vacuum Potting for mass production can be customized by our experienced engineer team. The balance of investing cost, operating cost, and qualification of output are elements GLUDITEC focuses on when providing customers our solutions.

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