Precision Fluid Dispensing for Compact Camera Module Assembly

As more and more consumers expect electronic devices to capture high-quality photos and videos — and increasingly care about pixel size and camera type — the compact camera module (CCM) market is experiencing exponential growth.

Consumer electronics are driving the most growth. This is largely due to the popularity of media sharing on social networks. New applications in the security and surveillance, and automotive sectors are also key drivers.

As camera module technology advances, some key manufacturing challenges come into focus. One is the miniaturization of image sensor chips. The other is the high cost of camera modules. Preventing fluid waste and rework is often a priority.

We provide precision fluid dispensing solutions that achieve highly repeatable micro-deposits within tight tolerances at fast speeds. This helps you produce more units per hour (UPH) with less rejects and material waste. Our capabilities in CCM assembly range from lens bonding to voice coil motor (VCM) bonding to anchoring flexible printed circuit boards (FPCs).

Tight tolerances and advances in chip design make image sensor applications very dynamic and complex. The applications generally fall into three categories: die attach, underfill, and IR filter bonding.

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The VCM module provides the auto-focus and image stabilization capability of the CCM. As such, it has a complex structure with multiple pieces that flex and move. Some VCM modules require more than 12 dispense points.

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The main application involves bonding the lens to the lens barrel, which holds multiple lenses. Some key requirements must be met to achieve a controlled process.

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Final assembly fluid applications are critical to increasing first pass yields for CCMs. They generally involve three key steps — bonding the VCM module to the image sensor, grounding the flexible printed circuit board (FPC), and anchoring the FPC to the camera. Failure in any of these steps results in rejects.

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