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Basic Definition regarding to Dispensing Process

  • 04-02-2023
  • By Linda Bui
To setup an effective dispensing system, a basic learning to gain an overall knowledge of bonding processes is essential. Many companies in different industries are turning to adhesive bonding processes and technologies for their assembly...

Metering Pump Comparison

  • 10-01-2023
  • By Haley Nguyen
Gear pump Working principle: The operation is mainly based on the principle of increasing and decreasing the volume, corresponding to the increase and decrease in pressure between the suction and repulsion zones.  There is an...

How does 2K Meter-mixing and Dispensing System work?

  • 04-01-2023
  • By Haley Nguyen
Today, there are a number of metering and dispensing systems available to meet the needs of various tasks. Almost every Meter-mixing and Dispensing (MMD) Systems, however, have the same configuration and operational mechanism as shown...

Types of Dispensing Valves

  • 30-12-2022
  • By Haley Nguyen
With the rapid advancement of technology, various dispensing techniques are developed. When faced with too many options, choosing the right type of dispensing valves can be challenging if you are unfamiliar with dispensing technology. Here...

Special options for better productivity of Desktop Dispensing Robot

  • 28-12-2022
  • By Haley Nguyen
As previously mentioned in our blog, with automated dispensing systems, manufacturers can ensure the accuracy, repeatability as well as incorporate robots. Moreover, Gluditec also provides different special options for Desktop Dispensing Robot to increase productivity...

Common problems encountered with Dispensing Valves

  • 26-12-2022
  • By Haley Nguyen
Dispensing plays an important role in manufacturing, especially in the production of products requiring high precision. There are many stringent requirements for accuracy, reliability, repeatability, dispensing speed, and throughput.   With all these complexities of the...

What is a Desktop Automated Dispensing System?

  • 26-10-2022
  • By Linda Bui
Since the introduction of desktop automated dispensing systems into manufacturing lines in the 1980s, robots have increased first-pass yields with faster speeds while reducing product rejects. Flash forward to present day and we still see...

Customized Automated System

  • 13-11-2020
  • By Linda Bui
Customized automated system for adhesive bonding, dispensing, and potting. Nowadays, the level of automation is steadily increasing in many industries, whether in the automotive industry, electronics industry or medical industry. However related to automated dispensing...

The heart of a Two-Part Dispensing System: PUMP

  • 29-09-2020
  • By Linda Bui
Choosing the right material metering and dispensing pump for specific application is critical as pump is known as the heart of every dispensing system. Pump distributes precise volumes of material within a specific time interval....

Vision Potting System Advantages

  • 02-06-2020
  • By pixelplus
Nowadays, potting, dispensing, and also sealing are steps involved in almost every manufacturing industry such as electronics, automobile, clothing and shoes, accessories, so on. Together with the development and raising production rate of manufacturing process,...

The integration of Industry 4.0 with Industrialization

  • 02-06-2020
  • By pixelplus
Catching up with global trends and developments is key of success of many companies as well as countries. In the modern era, there are four main trends being predicted to be become development trends of...

Dual Plunger Pump and 2K Dispensing Valve

  • 02-06-2020
  • By pixelplus
The measuring and proportioning system is the heart of the fluid control equipment and also the bottleneck restricting the development of precise dispensing industry. Thanks to working as a part of customer’s engineer team, GLUDITEC...