OCPC-106 – Automatic inline centrifugal dust cleaning machine

This device is mainly used to clean the camera module and remove dust from the surface of related parts. On the basis of centrifugal cleaning + centrifugal dehydration of the second fluid cleaning machine, the equipment adds the function of automatic feeding and automatic discharging, and the structure is completely closed and automatic.

Features and benefits

  • Compact structure with a width of only 1200mm
  • High-efficiency FFU ensures the cleanliness of the workpiece
  • Reserved material storage mechanism after cleaning, reducing the waiting time of the carrier and improving the capacity
  • Easily switched between the sucker type and the hook type
  • The cleaning turntable card position can be freely switched between 6, 4, and 3 sites
  • Can be seamlessly compatible with different sizes of load plate
  • A movable door is arranged on the outer side of the equipment to facilitate the maintenance of the cavity.
  • All key components are made by foreign brands (electrical components are made by Schneider/NHD brand, the servo motor is made by Panasonic/Mitsubishi brand of Japan, and the second fluid nozzle is made by Medler brand of the United States).
  • Cleaning yield is high, easily up to 99.5%.


Basket diameter (mm)
Cleaning method
High pressure water/ pressure air two-fluid cleaning
Basket rotating range
Centrifugal cleaning pressure (kg)
1.5 ~ 14
Voltage/ Frequency (V/ Hz)
380/ 50
Air filter precision (micromet)
0.1/ 0.01
Particle diameter (micromet)
Outline size (mm)
L2200 x W1200 x H2050

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