Engineered for the most demanding mechanical and environmental applications

GLUDITEC valve systems provide reliable dispensing solutions for benchtop applications, machine builders, and cost-effective, drop-in retrofit alternatives for automatic production lines.

GLUDITEC offers a wide range of valves for dispensing almost any fluid, from thin solvents to thick sealants and braze pastes – in accurate, repeatable amounts.

Our valve designs are exceptionally reliable, and will provide tens of millions of trouble-free dispensing cycles before maintenance is required.


  • Reliable, low maintenance
  • Fast cycle rates allow production lines to run at optimal speed
  • Engineered for the most demanding production environments
  • Clean, drip-free cutoffs reduce waste, mess and cleanup
  • Interactive microprocessor-based controllers simplify PLC settings and provide consistent operation
  • Cost-effective replacement for older technology valves

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