GLU-700D – Automatic double-station spraying & ultrasonic stencil cleaning machine

GLU-700D machine was applied to clean SMT solder paste and glue on the stencil. Comprehensive ultrasonic cleaning for mass solder paste, glue residue, and spraying cleaning for fine mesh.

It also adopts a double-station working mode, with the water-based cleaning agent, and the process includes first spraying cleaning, precision ultrasonic cleaning, spraying rinsing, and air cutting, drying, and other functions. Therefore, the cleaning effect is excellent, with very little agent consumption, low energy consumption, and environment-friendly.

Features and benefits

  • For the large pieces of solder paste and fine mesh on the stencil, can achieve good cleaning effect
  • Double location design, cleaning and rinsing and drying at the same time, continuous washing, cleaning speed faster
  • Equipped with real-time circulation filter system to utilize the efficiency of cleaning liquid
  • Equipped with rinsing water zero discharge of real-time processing system, put an end to rinsing waste water
  • PLC control, one key operation, man-machine friendly, easy to use


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