Air Plasma Inline System

Flexible combination of plasma module with multi-axis and function robot make PTS ideal for any applications.

Automated Plasma System PTS Series is designed to work as a standalone system (in some special cases) or surface treating module contributing into the whole automated production line.

The safety enclosure will be wisely designed to meet your unique requirements. PTS can join with arm robot, 3-axis, 4-axis or even 5-axis cartesian robot to fit with any limited space and any shapes of workpiece. Multiple design of conveyor can also be abused to integrate into available production line.


  • provides high performance systems that take advantage of high-tech automation components and equipment, such as multiaxial Cartesian robots, articulated robots, and sensors.
  • specializing in plasma provides the optimum solutions with its technology-intensive know-how and expertise.
  • contribute to our clients’ production of high-quality products and best results of research.

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