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Delivering results, reliability, & rock solid dependability for your Dispensing Process

With experience in automation & specialty materials industries, we understand what need to go into a strategic roadmap that lead to faster turnaround and ROI by eliminating all or most of the trial and error that can bog down your unique dispensing processes.

GLUDITEC is here to turn your imagination & requirements into practical automating solutions.

At the start of any dispensing tasks is the selection of proper materials. Depending on the demands, a variety of different specialty materials are available and fit with relative dispensing solutions.

EMI Adhesive Dispensing System

Thermally Conductive Materials TIMs

UV Adhesive – Dispensing System

2K Silicone Meter-mix & Dispensing System

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Not all dispensing methods are alike: Solutions for different material-, component- and application- specific processes. We can help you automate every process with appropriate systems.


FIP Gasket – Dispensing System

Conformal Coating


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Working as barriers moisture or for a high quality appearance, adhesive bonding and potting or any other processes can fulfill different purposes. Find out what challenges and solutions for each workpieces.

Transformer Potting System

Nameplate Ink Dispensing System

Trademark Nameplates and Advertising Luminous Potting

Complex Geometry Workpieces

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Each manufacturing industry will cover different challenges in both production line and finished-product requirements. We can provide the perfect solutions for your working environment or end-user consuming environment.


Mobile & Wearable Devices

Camera Module

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