Two-part Mixing & Dispensing Systems

Sealing, bonding and potting processes now have to be integrated into highly automated production line. Integrators and automation engineers need powerful dispensing solutions that not only have the flexibility to adapt to the most diverse project requirements, but can also be integrated via plug & produce. Our below modules have been developed precisely for these requirements.

Simple integration in a wide range of system concepts, premium dispensing quality in handling a wide range of materials, short cycle times, maximum process reliability, optimum process monitoring, and flexible data connections – the catalog of requirements for integration solutions is usually long and implementation is often complex. You have a choice of different levels of automation – from control of the dispenser in its own axis system to complete integration of ready-made modules in your existing production line.

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Conventional metering and dispensing methods, however, often bring air-trapped tiny gaps to electronic components, which break the insulating cover and diminish or even ruin high-voltage resistivity. In short term, it is not a big problem. However, in long term, voids gradually can subvert the very purpose of the encapsulating polymer, by compromising thermal conductivity and heat dissipation, or the electrical insulation properties. Day by day, voids and delamination provide pathways for moisture or other contaminants which can lead to short circuits or chemical damage, especially in the miniaturized and complicated structure components. Air Bubble is the main reason leading to all these failures.

To get the risk of void gaps and completely bubble-free results, manufacturers need a total vacuum potting solution, from potting medium determination (not every potting material can handle a significant reduction in pressure) to material preparation, feeding to the actual component potting itself.

GLUDITEC vacuum system could cover a wide range of electronic potting requirements. Semi Automated System for LAB testing and trial run or Fully Automated Vacuum Potting for mass production can be customized by our experienced engineer team. The balance of investing cost, operating cost, and qualification of output are elements GLUDITEC focuses on when providing customers our solutions.

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For small or high-qualified products, accuracy is uppermost. Many manufacturers in the automotive and consumer electronics industries have substrates that are delicate or require a high amount of precision and repeatability to avoid rejects. We also see this in the medical industry where industry standards are strict and product consistency is essential to meet regulations.

Overall, choosing the right fully automated system for your dispensing process can make it more repeatable, therefore more reliable. This can provide peace of mind that there is one less thing to worry about on the production floor.

We offer different workspace size and modular options to meet variable requirements of every application. Take a look at:

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Our 2K standalone series provides a budget-friendly, reliable entry-level solution for simple dispensing & potting tasks. In addition to its economics, the design of this series fits with various manufacturing site layout even the most limited area factory.

With experience in dispensing and automating industry, GLUDITEC acknowledge that there are highly specialized processes or new built-up process that cannot always be integrated with existing production concepts. Individual solutions are often required. This is the main reason why our Standalone 2K Dispensing Series is invented.

Furthermore, GLUDITEC always tries our best to provide solutions which are precisely matched to the application. Planning, design and construction of the automated metering and mixing system is carried out in close cooperation. Because only a plant  which is precisely matched to the requirements ensures smooth production and contributes to the success of the business.

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Single Dispensing System

GLUDITEC dispensing controller make it simple to apply accurate, repeatable amounts of virtually any assembly fluids including adhesives, epoxies, lubricants, threadlockers and grease, paste.

Choosing Dispensing System by Dispensing Materials

By using precision air regulators and digital timer or positive displacement technology to determine the amount of material applied, our controller eliminate operator guesswork and take the variability out of the dispensing process.

The result is higher productivity, better quality and reliability, a cleaner and safer workplace, and lower production costs.

Products range from high-precision controllers for critical applications that require a high degree of process control to economical units for general-purpose use.

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GLUDITEC valve systems provide reliable dispensing solutions for benchtop applications, machine builders, and cost-effective, drop-in retrofit alternatives for automatic production lines.

GLUDITEC offers a wide range of valves for dispensing almost any fluid, from thin solvents to thick sealants and braze pastes – in accurate, repeatable amounts.

Our valve designs are exceptionally reliable, and will provide tens of millions of trouble-free dispensing cycles before maintenance is required.


  • Reliable, low maintenance
  • Fast cycle rates allow production lines to run at optimal speed
  • Engineered for the most demanding production environments
  • Clean, drip-free cutoffs reduce waste, mess and cleanup
  • Interactive microprocessor-based controllers simplify PLC settings and provide consistent operation
  • Cost-effective replacement for older technology valves
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In mass production, every second is precious. Our Fully Automated System Series is designed to meet the strictest requirements of fluid dispensing tasks in the production line (from product input to dispensing and curing process). Industrial fluid materials as adhesives, sealants, thermal compounds, … are currently playing an important role in the manufacturing process of variable industries including automotive, electronics, medical, lighting as well as power, and so on. Having experience in single dispensing applications, GLUDITEC can say that a Fully Automated Dispensing System acquires two main benefits as follow:

 Solve Adhesive Issues: working with adhesives (and other high-value materials) requires a number of key circumstances in the ­assembly cell that needed to be addressed. Of particular importance was the ability to accurately meter out the selected adhesive in a precise amount and position.

Automatic Process: The integration of the robotic system into the manufacturing flow has allowed several manufacturers to optimize their manufacturing process in an effort to leverage the capacities of automation (by automating a previously manual operation).

However, according to the invested cost and desirable automatic level, the manufacturers can make decisions on which type of dispensing systems they will apply. GLUDITEC offers a wide range of systems to meet the most strict requirements:

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High-precision and repeatable are two adjective used to describe the features of GSP Progressive Cavity (PC) Pump Series. It can dispense an exact, repeatable volume of fluid as small as 0.005ml to 15.5ml per revolution. Thanks to its benefits, GSP Series is common in applications that require extremely consistent process control.

Its modular design is based on the progressive cavity principal where its core components – a rotor and stator – form a perfectly sealed metering chamber.


  • Perfectly sealed metering chamber provides excellent deposit volume assurance for improved process control with minimal fluid waste
  • Versatility to continuously dispense any fluid viscosity with low pulsation and shear allows for use in a wide range of applications
  • Suck-back feature provides clean cut-off for more accurate dispensing without dripping or drooling
  • Modular design allows for easy disassembly and cleaning that reduces production downtime required for maintenance
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Dispensing Accessories are common acknowledged as a unimportant and easy to choose components. However, all disposable components as syringe barrels, cartridges, piston, tip caps, end caps and dispense tips or other accessories as pressure tank, cartridge holder or regulator all play important roles in final dispensing result.

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Large Bulk Material Unloader

Having only one part, these adhesives, sealants, potting materials are able to cure on their own or after curing by heat, visual, or UV light without any help of hardener or other resin.

Generally speaking, pressure pumps are the best selection when handling viscous fluids. However, it is not simple that we can increase the pressure to deal with the high viscosity material because the remaining pressure will adversely affect the deposit of dispensing volume.

To solve this problem, we offer Bulk Unloader Pressure Pump series to improve performance and material flow in high-wear applications. This system will provide users with consistent material output, reduced maintenance, and superior wear resistance.

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Combining of a resin and hardener, 2K materials are also called AB adhesive, sealant or potting compound, thermally compound.

Being different from single part liquid, the 2K one usually has metal filler (abrasive 2K compound) which shorten the durability of the wetting part in a pressure pump, then leading to some other common troubles during the pumping process as inadequate volume, stuck pipeline, and so on.

We offer variable products to meet specific requirements in specific manufacturing industry, please take a look at:

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Since the introduction of desktop automated dispensing systems into manufacturing lines in the 1980s, robots have increased first-pass yields with faster speeds while reducing product rejects. Flash forward to present day and we still see a trend of companies switching from manual to automatic dispensing for a variety of reasons.

Although manual equipment may be suitable for certain applications and comes at a lower cost upfront, when you need a more repeatable process with greater accuracy and verification of deposit location, automated dispensing systems are the best solution.

GLUDITEC understands the value of automated dispensing systems and the repeatability and precision they bring to manufacturing lines. Our dispensing robots are available in 3, 4 or even 5 axes configurations and offer a wide variety of camera options, software, height sensing, dispense inspection options, and more. Take a look at our Desktop Dispensing Robot Lines:

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Liquid Repackaging System

Curing System

When paired with light-curing products as adhesive, coating and any other specialty materials, our ultraviolet (UV) and LED light-curing equipment provides rapid surface curing, depth of cure, and speed of cure. Fast cure time means less work in progress, helping manufacturers gain efficiency, reduce costs, and improve their overall assembly process.

Industrial manufacturers trust GLUDITEC light-curing systems throughout the automotive, electronics, aerospace, and defense as well as medical sectors.

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GLUDITEC curing or drying ovens are used across a range of industries and research laboratories for complex processes that require controlled heating and temperature uniformity such as bonding and curing.

Our curing ovens product lines are different in design, specific function, temperature range and precision level which meet various requirements in different industries. Depending on your applications, GLUDITEC can provide the suitable heat curing solutions.


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Plasma Surface Treating System

Our Plasma PTA Series System is designed for easily being integrated into available automating system or working as an individual surface treating machine with a simple nozzle holder.

PTA Series combines of 2 different module: Plasma Generator and Plasma Nozzle. This modulus design make GLUDITEC Plasma System easier to maintain and repair, reduce wasted time during production time.

Our Plasma Generator Benefits:

  • Continuous (24/7) operation
  • With the highest system availability > 99%
  • With minimum maintenance cost, almost free of wear and tear
  • And high efficiency (energy efficiency)

Choosing appropriate Plasma Nozzle here.

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Automated Plasma System PTS Series is designed to work as a standalone system (in some special cases) or surface treating module contributing into the whole automated production line.

The safety enclosure will be wisely designed to meet your unique requirements. PTS can join with arm robot, 3-axis, 4-axis or even 5-axis cartesian robot to fit with any limited space and any shapes of workpiece. Multiple design of conveyor can also be abused to integrate into available production line.


  • provides high performance systems that take advantage of high-tech automation components and equipment, such as multiaxial Cartesian robots, articulated robots, and sensors.
  • specializing in plasma provides the optimum solutions with its technology-intensive know-how and expertise.
  • contribute to our clients’ production of high-quality products and best results of research.
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GLUDITEC Vacuum Plasma PTV Series provides a low-pressure treating method with a higher plasma density than RF (13.56Mhz) plasma type in vacuum chamber. Plasma particle generated by microwave will help to eliminate the shadow phenomenon without inside antena, which allows the entire surface of the component to be treated simultaneously.

The alternating electric field allows the plasma to be excited under low pressure starting at 40 volts. The choice of excitation frequency makes it possible to control not only the speed, but also whether the treatment effects are dominated by ions, excited atoms, or UV radiation.

PTV Series can be settled with variety option like as RF source, turn table, rotation drum, heating plate, additional MFC, etc. PTV with MFC which can use clean compressed air for surface activation of organic substances and surface cleaning of inorganic substances.

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Why does the same adhesive tape not stick equally strongly to different surfaces? It’s all a question of surface energy and surface tension! The ink test and the necessary information will help you figure out how well the adhesive will cling and glue to a surface.

FEATURES of GLUDITEC Surface Energy Test Ink

  • Inks made with proprietary patented formulations
  • Eco-friendly product based on ethanol
  • Surface tension measurement in 3 seconds
  • Easy to read on dark materials with yellow pigment
  • Reasonable price
  • Maintain freshness through monthly production
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Low Pressure Molding - GLUMO

Low Pressure Molding Machine is one of two factors making significant effect on performance of thermoplastic molding process. GLUMO is specifically designed to be compatible with materials like copolyesters and polyamides. With very low injection pressure (20 ~ 500psi), our machine is confident to mold, seal, encapsulate to protect the most delicate electronic components against moisture, dust, high temperature, water and solvents, chemical, vibration and other agents in working environment.

In addition, GLUMO series can be customizable. Each application and manufacturing process will have different requirements about dimensions of working area, sharp design, configuration as well as performance index (cycle time, maximum pressure, temperature). After inspecting carefully customer demand, we could tailor-make their own unique version to provide the best performance of LPM process.

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Mold Set used for Low Pressure Molding differs from these other types of mold used in traditional high-pressure molding. In particular, we have to take some different aspects including materials, dimensions cavity design, etc. into consideration when designing. GLUMO is confident to work as a part of your engineer team, carefully inspect each element, then design the layout and finalize to provide the customer with the most appropriate mold set.

1. Material

Mold sets for low pressure molding are commonly manufactured from 7075 aluminum which is compatible with polyamide – LPM materials. Besides the negligibly wear-on feature, Aluminum is also a cost-effective material to be excellent at dissipating heat resulting in shorter cycle times. High wear-out areas where components are inserted should have steel inserts. Mold sets for very high production rates can be manufactured from P-20 material or any other conventional tool steel.

2. Dimensions

The mold set guides shall be approximately 35 mm long with 6 mm long tapered lead. Two different diameters shall be used such as 9 mm and 10 mm respectively.

3. Cavity Design

When designing a mold set, it is important to position the parting line so that the molded components stay in the lower mold half, when the mold set is opened. This may require a stepped parting line in some applications. It is often possible to avoid the use of locating pins as the low-pressure fill of the cavity is unlikely to dislocate components. When circuit boards are over-molded, these can be positioned by locating pins if necessary.

For some applications where holes from locating pins are unacceptable in the molded parts, a two-step over-mold should be considered. One side/portion of the component is over-molded first, then the other side/portion. These mold sets will have two different cavities and components are moved from the first to the second cavity for completion.

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Hot-melt Molding Platform


Specialty Materials

Find products and services carefully designed to meet the needs of your industry, whether you’re manufacturing goods or mining. At GLUDITEC, we have the expertise and products to help you succeed every step of the way.

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The curing process is the most vital part of the adhesive characteristics, which stands as one of the most significant ways to judge the usage of one kind of adhesive. It depends on the circumstance where we want to apply the adhesive, how we store it, and whether we can get rid of it after using it. Different conditions in need of adhesive spawn diversified requirements of them.

Therefore, clarifying and choosing the adhesives which have appropriate curing mechanism is important. The curing method can be mainly divided
into light-initiated curing, thermosetting curing, moisture curing, etc.

Mostly, light-initiating curing is activated by high-energy ultraviolet ray photons, while heating plays the role of activator in the thermosetting curing process.  Moisture curing is commonly used in mild conditions, as the energy to initiate the reaction is supplied by the adhesive molecule itself instead of provided by extraneous factors.

Contact with us or explore below products for more information.

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For example:

  • Acrylic: offer great strength and design flexibility
  • Epoxy: provide excellent durability and resistance to environmental extremes
  • PUR: ideal for creating strong, flexible bonds between dissimilar materials.
  • Cyanoacrylate: reach handling strength in 5-10 seconds and achieve extremely high tensile strengths

To address these challenges, the GLUDITEC catalogue provides comprehensive information sets on each of our structural adhesives, alongside proven cases for specific industrial bonding, sealing and assembly applications. Additionally, easy-to-use packages for hand-held, manual, and semi-automated applications, including cartridges, syringes, soft-squeeze bottles and dual cartridges for two-part formulations are available. Whatever your requirements, the GLUDITEC team is on hand to offer advice and guidance on the best materials for your design, process, or industry.

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