Each type of system is designed to meet the specific demand of cost-effectiveness and productivity.

When choosing a 2K dispensing system, there are three aspects that should be considered:

The medium used in manufacturing can be adhesives (epoxy, silicone, PU, etc.), potting compound, sealant, gasketing compound, a thermally conductive compound, and so on.

The size and shape of the end-product or the parts that mediums are applied on. They are variable in types and features: Electronic components (PCB, transformer, driver, etc.), plastic/ composite rigid part, and so on.

Last but not least, it is the manufacturing process. According to users’ automation level and accessory equipment, we offer different systems.

Each type of system is designed to meet the specific demand of cost-effectiveness and productivity. To optimizing your option, tell us your prior requirements:

Simple integration in a wide range of system concepts, premium dispensing quality in handling a wide range of materials, short cycle times, maximum process reliability, optimum process monitoring, and flexible data connections.

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With vision integrated in the dispensing cell, applying adhesive and sealant now goes hand in hand with quality assurance. This enables plant operators to achieve a higher, fully documented level of quality.

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Air entrapment or gas bubbles are one of the most common causes of poor potting results. Conventional metering and dispensing methods, however, often bring air-trapped tiny gaps to electronic components, which break the insulating cover and diminish or even ruin high-voltage resistivity.

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Overall, incorporating a robot and vision system into your dispensing process can make it more repeatable, therefore more reliable. This can provide peace of mind that there is one less thing to worry about on the production floor.

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Highly specialized processes cannot always be mapped with existing production concepts. Individual solutions are often required. Take a look at our standalone dispensing solutions.

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Depending on different applications, there are various type of dispensing accessories and dispensing mixer to choose. Contact GLUDITEC for choosing the right one for yours.

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