Two-part Mixing & Dispensing Systems

2K Dispensing solutions to meet your customized demand

When choosing a 2K dispensing system, there are three aspects that should be considered:

The medium used in manufacturing can be adhesives (epoxy, silicone, PU, etc.), potting compound, sealant, gasketing compound, a thermally conductive compound, and so on.

The size and shape of the end-product or the parts that

mediums are applied on. They are variable in types and features: Electronic components (PCB, transformer, driver, etc.), plastic/ composite rigid part, and so on.

Last but not least, it is the manufacturing process. According to users’ automation level and accessory equipment, we offer different systems.

Each type of system is designed to meet the specific demand of cost-effectiveness and productivity. To optimizing your option, tell us your prior requirements:


Thumb category

Despite being entry-level, in addition to the basic function of mixing and pumping 2K medium out, this series is designed to have fully supporting solutions along 2K dispensing, potting, and sealing processes.

  • User-friendly interface with easy touch screen
  • Module design
  • Pressure container with variable volume options
  • Liquid-level sensor
  • Material auto-refill function
  • Auto-cleaning function
  • Pipe and tank heater

We offer different sizes and workspace designs to meet the variable requirements of every application. Take a look at:

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For small or high-qualified products, accuracy is uppermost. Many manufacturers in the automotive and consumer electronics industries have substrates that are delicate or require a high amount of precision and repeatability to avoid rejects. We also see this in the medical industry where industry standards are strict and product consistency is essential to meet regulations.

Overall, incorporating a robot and vision system into your dispensing process can make it more repeatable, therefore more reliable. This can provide peace of mind that there is one less thing to worry about on the production floor.

We offer different workspace size and modular options to meet variable requirements of every application. Take a look at:

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Air entrapment or gas bubbles are one of the most common causes of poor potting results. Conventional metering and dispensing methods, however, often bring air-trapped tiny gaps to electronic components, which break the insulating cover and diminish or even ruin high-voltage resistivity. In short term, it is not a big problem. However, in long term, voids gradually can subvert the very purpose of the encapsulating polymer, by compromising thermal conductivity and heat dissipation, or the electrical insulation properties. Day by day, voids and delamination provide pathways for moisture or other contaminants which can lead to short circuits or chemical damage, especially in the miniaturized and complicated structure components. Air Bubble is the main reason leading to all these failures.

To get the risk of void gaps and completely bubble-free results, manufacturers need a total vacuum potting solution, from potting medium determination (not every potting material can handle a significant reduction in pressure) to material preparation, feeding to the actual component potting itself.

GLUDITEC vacuum system could cover a wide range of electronic potting requirements. Semi Automated System for LAB testing and trial run or Fully Automated Vacuum Potting for mass production can be customized by our experienced engineer team. The balance of investing cost, operating cost, and qualification of output are elements GLUDITEC focuses on when providing customers our solutions.

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Nowadays, the level of automation is steadily increasing in many industries, whether in the automotive industry, electronics industry or medical industry. However related to automated dispensing system, it is not all the same. This primarily has to do with the fact that the systems must be selected for compatibility with the workpiece and the adhesive, sealant or potting compound used.

Gluditec with the profound understanding and experiences in both materials and automatic systems, is confident to provide customers with the most appropriate dispensing system. The available upstream and downstream process steps range from component recognition and position detection, to surface treatment, to quality inspection systems and system integration.

What makes us stand out in the market is our comprehensive materials knowledge as well as process which are two main every manufacturers’ consideration affecting normal production line.

All Gluditec systems, including standard and customized solutions, are scalable and are based on a modular system. Tried and tested components and mature processes help you with customized system planning to suit your needs and offer the highest level of availability.


Industrial materials such as adhesive, thermal compound are widespread used as the indispensable part in many productions. However, how to prepare and feed them effectively is not that easy.

Our full option material preparation and feeding equipment could meet all demand:

Liquid Sensor and Alarm

Automatic Cleaning

Material Heating (both on pipe and tank)

Anti-curing Procedure


Since adhesive bonding or potting usually take place towards the end of the process chain, mistakes have a particularly wide-ranging impact. The precision rate of dispensing is one of manufacturing factors that is taken lots of attention.

So as to increase precision of dispensing step, Gluditec has the Vision Equipment Product Line to meet customer’s demand especially high-precision CCD visual capture and positioning with accuracy of ±0.1mm.

Furthermore, the design of working area is also important factor. We have various size from small to large one with different shape for each industries such as LED strip, transformer, and so on.


Many applications require reliable cleaning and activation of substrate surfaces for the durability and reliable operation of the components

Plasma cleaning and activation

Pre-heating furnace and drying oven



Gluditec offers a wide range of difference systems for material curing and crossing-linking to cover any type of potting material used and existing process requirements.

Hot-air and IR curing

UV Curing


Industrial systems require reliable communication and networking. To ensure top notch traceability and for documentation purposes, we provide numerous solutions.

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