Simple, accurate & repeatable amounts of virtually any mediums.

GLUDITEC dispensing controller make it simple to apply accurate, repeatable amounts of virtually any assembly fluids including adhesives, epoxies, lubricants, threadlockers and grease, paste.

Choosing Dispensing System by Dispensing Materials

By using precision air regulators and digital timer or positive displacement technology to determine the amount of material applied, our controller eliminate operator guesswork and take the variability out of the dispensing process.

The result is higher productivity, better quality and reliability, a cleaner and safer workplace, and lower production costs.

Products range from high-precision controllers for critical applications that require a high degree of process control to economical units for general-purpose use.

Features vacuum control, a convenient Teach function that make it simple to set initial shot size and an I/O connection. Digital vacuum display that adds an extra degree of process control.

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Provides the primary control for deposit size and compatible with various dispense valves. The controllers also bring numerous user-friendly features that simplify valve setup & operation.

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These simple-to-integrate process controllers maintain precise temperatures during dispensing to preserve the properties of temperature-sensitive materials including solder pastes.

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Prevents damage to intricate components using a lightweight pickup pen. To lift and position, the user simply places the pen on the component and presses an electric foot pedal to apply vacuum.

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