Dispensing Controller

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Economical controller series are built to provide customers with low-cost but effective dispensation of from low to high viscosity materials.

This product line commits to offer high reliability, repeatable dispensing, and adjustable vacuum suckback control to prevent fluid dripping from dispensing tip. It is suitable for both low and high viscosity fluids.

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Gluditec Valve Controller VC is a controller series which have been built specially to handle the dispensation involving precision valve.

In a dispensing system requiring high accuracy, besides an excellent valve, the dispensing controller also plays an important role, taking direct effect on distributing material amount and sharp.

So how we control the precision of dispensing valve?

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GLT Precision Dispensing Controller is designed with a versatile design and suitable for a wide variety of precision dispensing applications; from microdot deposits, lines, to large potting and filling.

Large program storage is another advantage of this product line. Each item is equipped with a memory of 39 self-taught programs, which makes it possible to be used in a variety of applications.

Each product in this series is carefully designed to meet specific requirements of precision. Choosing the right dispensing controller is also an important factor to set down the manufacturing cost.

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