SRC-1002 – Double track cleaning machine

The cleaning equipment is designed for inline cleaning of semiconductor lead frame and hard FPC. The main mechanism includes: the two-fluid spraying cleaning station, the two-fluid spraying rinsing station, the hot air drying station, the automatic material transfer mechanism, the completely enclosed shell.

Features and benefits

  • The cleaning unit is designed with a large-flow liquid circulating filtration device to filter pollutants continuously and keep the cleaning liquid clean
  • Rinsing with running water to keep the rinsing solution clean
  • Double track continuous cleaning, high cleaning efficiency
  • Two-fluid spraying is used for cleaning and rinsing
  • The drying unit adopts the method of heating compressed air to ensure sufficient pressure and temperature
  • PLC control mode, automatic material transmission mechanism, labor saving, high degree of automation



Outline size (mm)
L1980 x W1300 x H1350
Tank volume (L)
100L/ 30L
Adjustable width range of single channel (mm)
30 ~ 100
Total power (kW)

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