Dual Cure

Where there is light there is also shadow

When two components are bonded, it is important that all the adhesive is fully cured. If the light only reaches some of the adhesive, it will remain liquid in the shadowed areas. This exposes components to the risk of corrosion, or in the case of optical products, an undesirable effect on the light path. Shadowed areas should be avoided from the start of the design stage if light-cured adhesives are used.

The adhesives industry has developed many new dual-curing products for situations in which this is not possible or very difficult. Aside from light, they use a second curing mechanism so that adhesives can bond reliably, even in shadowed areas. This may either be humidity, air exclusion,  heat or mixing resign and hardener. Each option fulfills different requirements and permits various manufacturing processes. All are products which are isocyanate- and silicone-free, with the exception of UV silicones.

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