Vacuum Plasma System

Evenly treating the surface even with the most complicated geometry workpieces

GLUDITEC Vacuum Plasma PTV Series provides a low-pressure treating method with a higher plasma density than RF (13.56Mhz) plasma type in vacuum chamber. Plasma particle generated by microwave will help to eliminate the shadow phenomenon without inside antena, which allows the entire surface of the component to be treated simultaneously.

The alternating electric field allows the plasma to be excited under low pressure starting at 40 volts. The choice of excitation frequency makes it possible to control not only the speed, but also whether the treatment effects are dominated by ions, excited atoms, or UV radiation.

PTV Series can be settled with variety option like as RF source, turn table, rotation drum, heating plate, additional MFC, etc. PTV with MFC which can use clean compressed air for surface activation of organic substances and surface cleaning of inorganic substances.

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