SAC0307-1215W Lead-free Solder Wire

SAC0307-1215W solder wire is mainly made of high-purity tin, refined by using the most advanced professional equipment of lead-free solder and excellent technology through a special process. Flux is a synthesis of antioxidants and surfactants at high temperatures. It can effectively reduce the production of tin slag and reduce the lack of molten tin due to the tin slag. It is specialized for use with intelligent automatic solder machines in the lead-free process. It is an environmentally friendly lead-free solder wire with excellent welding performance.

Features and benefits

  • The packaged solder wire is flat, smooth, uniform.
  • Comply with RoHS requirement.
  • Low rate of tin slag, high anti-oxidation.
  • SAC0307-1215W welding wire is specially matched with the automatic tin adding machine.