Liquid Repackaging System

We change the package size of materials to optimize the production but how to optimize the re-packaging process?

To optimize the material cost in production, many manufacturers are currently purchasing specialty fluid (adhesive, lubricant, coating, solvents, …) in big size. However, these kinds of package size are usually difficult to handle. Then, markets incur the demand for packing down from totes, drums, gallons and pails into smaller units as cartridges or from cartridges into even smaller package size such as 5ml, 10ml, 30ml and 50ml syringe barrels.

Traditionally, this down-packaging process will be manually carried out, which is assumed cost-effective and easy-to-implement method. However, manually method only works with materials of which physical properties do not change in working environment. To down-package the specialty materials (especially adhesives), there requires a special system which can transfer exact amount of liquid into the new container without any modifications of their properties.

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