SnCu07-1216 Lead-free solder wire

SnCu07-1216 lead-free solder wire is made of high-quality and high-purity tin ingots as the main raw material, supplemented by high-quality and high-purity copper, and adopts the most advanced lead-free. Soldering professional equipment and excellent technology are refined through special processes. Specifically used with intelligent automatic tin adding machines in lead-free manufacturing processes. It is a lead-free alloy solder wire with excellent welding performance and environmental protection.

Features and benefits

  • The coiled wire is neat, flat, smooth, evenly wound, and will not get tangled during routing.
  • It is a green and environmentally friendly product that complies with RoHS and other environmental protection requirements.
  • SnCu07-1216 lead-free alloy tin wire is specially used with automatic tin adding machines



Items Technical prameters   Standards
Product number SnCu07-1216     /
Alloy composition Sn99.3Cu0.7     /
Exterior Silver white, smooth and clean surface, no cracks Visual
Diameter (mm) 3.00±0.10 GB/T 20422-2006 5.5
Melting point (℃) 227    /
shelf life 2 years From the MGF Date
Packing 15kg/roll Can be customized according to customer needs


No. Items CAS No Content(%)
                   Main alloy composition and content
1 Tin (Sn) 7440-31-5 margin
2 Copper (Cu) 7440-50-8 0.7±0.1
                    Impurity composition and content
3 Silver (Ag) 7440-22-4 ≤0.10
4 Lead (Pb) 7439-92-1 ≤0.10
5 Iron (Fe) 7439-89-6 ≤0.02
6 Bismuth (Bi) 7440-69-9 ≤0.10
7 Antimony (Sb) 7440-36-0 ≤0.10
8 Indium(Ln) 7440-74-6 ≤0.10
9 Zinc (Zn) 7440-66-6 ≤0.001
10 Gold (Au) 7440-57-5 ≤0.05
11 Nickel (Ni) 7440-02-0 ≤0.01
12 Aluminum (Al) 7429-90-5 ≤0.001
13 Cadmium (Cd) 7440-43-9 ≤0.002
14 Arsenic (As) 7440-38-2 ≤0.03

Technical Documents

SnCu07-1216 Technical Data Sheet

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