SnCu07-1216T Tin Solder Wire

The SnCu07-1216T solder wire is crafted from premium tin ingots, ensuring top-notch quality and purity. Utilizing cutting-edge lead-free soldering equipment and expert technical knowledge, this wire boasts a high-temperature synthetic flux containing antioxidants and activators. This unique composition minimizes tin slag formation and prevents non-melting tin issues when paired with intelligent automatic tin adding machines during lead-free processes. With outstanding soldering capabilities, this environmentally conscious welding wire sets a new standard in performance.

Features and benefits

  • The coiled wire is neat, smooth, evenly wound, and will not get tangled during routing;
  • Green and environmentally friendly products, complying with RoHS and other environmental protection requirements;
  • Low tin slag rate and high oxidation resistance.
  • SnCu07-1216T welding wire is specially used with automatic tin-adding machines