SAC0307-1215T Lead-free Solder Wire

SAC0307-1215T Lead-free solder wire is mainly made of high-purity tin, refined by using the most advanced professional equipment of lead-free solder and excellent technology through a special process. Adding microelements is to avoid the rapid expansion of micro-cracks in the brittle interface organization and improve the creep-fatigue life of joints. The alloy ratio of the product is reasonable; flux is prepared of high-quality improved resin, organic activator, and a variety of additives. The product is an environmentally friendly lead-free solder wire with excellent welding performance in a lead-free process.

Features and benefits

  • The packaged solder wire is flat, smooth, and uniform.
  • The distribution of flux is uniform and continues. No broken core.
  • Excellent electric conductivity and thermal conductivity, fast speed of tin penetration,
  • No pungent smell, less smoke, and small splash when soldering.
  • Low residue after soldering, uniform spreading, quick drying.
  • High surface insulation resistance, stable and reliable electrical properties.
  • Comply with RoHS and other environmental requirements.