COVEN FP3106 Electronic grade coating

COVEN FP3106 is a solvent-based C6 fluorocarbon polymer that is widely used in various types of Printed circuit board (PCB) and electronics parts or other types of electronic grade substrate processing. FP3106 provides a thin film layer coating with hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. It offers waterproof, water-repellent, oil-repellent, dust, and other integrated protective effects that still maintain the original appearance of the substrate.

#3M NOVEC 1702 Replacement

Features and benefits

  • Excellent hydrophobic and oleophobic
  • High insulation and good thermoelectric stability
  • Strong weather resistance
  • Low environmental impact
  • Non-flammable
  • RoHS compliance


  • Moisture, chemical, and corrosion protection for printed circuit boards and their components
  • Anti-wetting, anti-stiction, anti-migration, and anti-corrosion properties in many diverse applications: display screen.



Properties FP3106
Chemical nature Fluoropolymer
Color transparent
Solid content, % wt 0.2
Solvent type Hydrofluoroether
Density (g/ml at 20ºC) 1.5
Flash point None
Recommend coating thickness, nm < 100 (depend on application method)


Properties FP3106
Appearance Colourless
Contact angle, º 109
Heat resistance of dry film, ºC, 24 hr 175

Technical Documents

COVEN FP3106 Technical Data Sheet

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