COVEN FP3103 Electronic grade coating – 3M Novec 2704 Alternative

COVEN FP3103 works as a transparent ultra-thin coating layer on the electronic device surface with excellent hydrophobic and oleophobic properties, breakdown prevention, acids, and electrolyte resistance. FP3103 is a non-flammable coating that can be easily detected under UV light.

#3M NOVEC 2704 Alternative

#3M NOVEC 2708 Alternative

Features and benefits

  • Good moisture resistance and chemical stability
  • Smooth, low-viscosity coating with high flexibility.
  • Provide protection from the electrolyte of lithium battery.
  • Resistant to salt water, corrosive gases, and acids. Surface protection from sweat or sulfide gas
  • Non-flammable



Properties COVEN FP3103
Chemical nature Perfluoropolymer
Solvent type Fluorinated Solvent
Color Colorless to yellow
Solid content 4% weight
Viscosity, 250C 2 – 3 cPs
Surface tension 14 dyne
Density (g/ml at 20oC) 1.4 – 1.5
Boiling point 92 – 96ºC
Flash point None
Recommended coating thickness 2 um (dip-coating)


Properties COVEN FP3103
Water repellency Contact angle 1120
Oil repellency Contact angle 700
Pencil test 4B – 3B
Surface resistivity 1.61 x 1014 Ohm
Volume resistivity 3.88 x 1015 Ohm-cm
Dielectric constant 2.54 @1MHz
Dissipation factor 0.0233 @1MHz
Dielectric strength 84 kV/mm

Technical Documents

COVEN FP3103 Technical Data Sheet

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