COVEN FP3102 Electronic grade coating

COVEN FP3102 is a transparent hydrophobic and oleophobic ultrathin coating to protect electronics and other surfaces against moisture, corrosion, and other environmental conditions that could jeopardize the reliability of the device or surface. Adheres well to a wide variety of material substrates such as plastic, glass, metal, and ceramic.

Features and benefits

  • Exceptional repellence of all kinds of liquids
  • Fast drying at room temperature (< 1 min)
  • Provides simplicity of process, saving time
  • No CMR substances
  • Low environmental impact & very low VOC
  • Non – flammable



Properties COVEN FP3102
Chemical nature Fluoropolymer
Color Colorless, clear to slightly cloudy
Solid content 2% weight
Solvent type Hydrofluoroether
Viscosity ~1 cPs
Density (g/ml at 20oC) 1.4
Boiling point of solvent carrier 61 – 76ºC
Flash point None


Properties COVEN FP3102
Appearance Colourless
Surface energy (dynes/cm) 5 – 10
Contact angle

ASTM D7334-08
120º water – 80º oil
Heat stability 150ºC continuous –

250ºC one hour
Solvent and chemical resistance Excellent
Refractive index 1.35
Glass transition temperature 75ºC
Dielectric strength 2.5 kV/ 25 μm
Dielectric constant 2.25 @100KHz
Dissipation factor 0.016 @100KHz
Volume resistivity 4.5 x 10^15

Technical Documents

COVEN FP3102 Technical Data Sheet

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