COVEN FP3104 Electronic grade coating

COVEN FP3104 electronic grade coating protection agent is a fluoropolymer protection product with hydroplane as a solvent, which is used for moisture and corrosion protection of printed circuit boards and electronic components. It can be coated quickly to form a very thin film, which has excellent hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. No additional curing process is required and it is very easy to coat, remove, and rework. The solvents and polymers in the FP3104 electronic grade coating protection fluorinated solution are very safe substances, do not damage the ozone layer, and meet the requirements of RoHS. The polymer contains an orange-yellow dye group that fluoresces under blue or ultraviolet light, which facilitates coating detection and quality control in the production process

#3M NOVEC 1702 Direct Replacement

Features and benefits

  • Excellent hydrophobic and oleophobic
  • High insulation and good thermoelectric stability
  • Strong weather resistance
  • Low environmental impact
  • Non-flammable
  • RoHS compliance


  • Can be used for anti-stick coating, liquid crystal display, micro motor, or MEMS (microelectromechanical system) components
  • Can be used for anti-migration coating, display, spindle motor, or lubricating electronic parts
  • Can be used for moisture-proof anti-corrosion coating for various materials and components



Properties FP3104
Chemical nature Fluoropolymer
Color transparent
Solid content 4% weight
Solvent type Hydrofluoroether
Density (g/ml at 20oC) 1.6
Flash point None
Recommend coating thickness 0.2 um


Properties FP3104
Appearance Colourless
Glass transition temperature 46.80C
Heat resistance of dry film 1750C, 24hr

Technical Documents

COVEN FP3104 Technical Data Sheet

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