GVJ-518 Piezoelectric Jetting Valve

The GVJ-518 is an advanced piezoelectric jetting valve designed for precise and efficient dispensing of various adhesives, including surface mount adhesives, conductive silver pastes, IC packaging adhesives, underfill adhesives, sealants, and surface coating adhesives. This valve offers flow control and high-speed dispensing capabilities, allowing it to access tight spaces as small as 100 microns and accurately dispense 3nl at specific locations. When paired with the GIS series automated dispensing platform, the GVJ-518 injection valve delivers significant economic advantages to customers in industries such as electronic packaging, lighting, life sciences, and technology that demand high precision, efficiency, and space optimization.


Maximum operating frequency
500 cycles/s
Optimum feed pressure
0 ~ 0.3 MPa
Minimum spot diameter
Optimum viscosity range
1 ~ 200,000 cps
73 x 36 x 12 mm
Feeding components
Stainless steel Luer connector syringe barrel (standard configuration)
Feeding components
Inverted connector material receiving pipe (optional)
Available syringe specifications
3CC, 5CC, 10CC, 30CC, 55CC
Available pipe specifications
4 branches
Piezoelectric package module
Stainless steel
Runner module
Stainless steel
Firing pin
Special high-strength material
Special high-strength material
Fluid seal
Specially made high wear-resistant and temperature-resistant material
Other O-rings
Nitrile rubber
Heating block
Heating pipe
24V (DC) 80W
Maximum heating temperature

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