HM3303 – Polyamide hotmelt for molding

HM3303 is hotmelt adhesive with 100% solid systems containing no solvent. This hotmelt has good adhesion strength to the substrate and provides good moisture protection, anti-corrosion, and anti-impact effects.

Package size: 25kg Bag

Shelf life: 2 years

#Low Pressure Molding Materials

#PCB Protection

Features and benefits

  • High adhesion with many substrates.​
  • Good fluidity, excellent high and low-temperature resistance.
  • Good insulation and flame retardant.
  • Solvent-free, environmentally friendly, and safe to operate.



Properties HM3303
Base Polyamide
Color Natural/ Black
Softening Point, °C 185-195
Viscosity, 210°C, cps 4000-7000
Density, g/cm³ 0.98
Glass transition temperature, °C ≤ -40
Hardness, shore D 35-45
Elongation, % ≥ 500
Tensile strength, Mpa ≥ 6.5
Working temperature, °C – 35- 150

Technical Documents

HM3303 - Technical Data Sheet

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