HM3306-B Hot melt adhesive for low pressure molding systems

HM3306-B hot melt adhesive, a black polymer thermoplastic polyamide resin, is suitable for low-pressure injection molding. It possesses non-corrosive properties, is odorless, and exhibits strong adhesion to various materials. Additionally, it has high-temperature resistance with low viscosity and excellent fluidity.

Direct Alternative for Technomelt PA6208 Black

Features and benefits

  • Excellent bonding strength on plastic
  • Wide range working temperature: -40 ~ 100°C
  • Low viscosity and excellent fluidity
  • Widely used for encapsulating of electronic components and the auto industry.


Properties Typical Value Range
Appearance Black Solid /
Chemical Type Polyamide Resin /
Hardness( Shore A) 78 75~  85
Softening Point( Ball and ring method, ºC) 143 140-150
Mold Temperature (oC) 190 180-200
Viscosity (mPA.s) 200ºC 2400 2000-4000
Glass Transition Temperature (ºC) -40 /
Specific Gravity (g/cm3) 0.98 /
Elongation (%) 700 600-800
Tensile Strength (Mpa) 3 ³2
Volume Resistivity ( 1.5×10¹² /
Working temperature (ºC) -40 ~ 100
Dielectric Strength (KV/mm) 19 /

Technical Documents

HM3306 - Technical Data Sheet

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