PE-F6004 – Polyurethane Flame Retardant Encapsulation Foam

PE-F6004 is two-component flame retardant, low density polyurethane foam material designed for potting and encapsulation of battery cell in EV battery modules or other easily flamable applicatoions. PE-F6004 offers design engineer the ability to increase the power density of their modules while ensuring safety and protection from thermal propagation. The ultra lightweight nature of the PE-F6004 minimizes the weight impact to the modules. The semi-structural properties of the material also provide noise, vibration, and harshness benefits to the battery system by unitizing the battery module and absorbing external environment impacts.

Features and benefits

  • Prevents Thermal Propagation
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Low Viscosity & Self Leveling
  • Great Vibration and Impact Resistance
  • Outstanding Insulation Properties
  • No outgassing of Hydrogen gas during curing
  • Meets UL94 V0 Certification
  • Up to 5 Times Expansion Rate
  • Cost Effective – Low Volume Usage
  • Fast Processability




Properties PE-F6004A PE-F6004A Mixture
Color Off-white Clear Amber
Specific gravity
1.17 1.25
*25ºC, cps
500 160
Mix ratio
by weight
100 86
Mix ratio
by volume
100 81
Working time *25ºC, sec 120
Cream time *25ºC, sec 180 – 240
Tack Free time *25ºC, sec ~ 60



Operating Temperature Range, ºC -60 ~ 120
Hardness at 24/ 48 hours (Shore A) 20 ~ 30/ 35 ~ 45
Foam Density – Free Rise (g/cm³) 0.16 ~ 0.19
Foam Density – Free Rise (pcf) 10 ~ 12
Thermal Conductivity (W/m-K) 0.05



Property Test Method Value
Dielectric Strength (kV/mm) ASTM D149 3.0
Dielectric Constant at 1MHz ASTM D-0150 1.40
Dissipation factor at 1MHz ASTM D-0150 0.029
Volume resistivity (ohm-cm) ASTM D-0257 5.1 * 10^11
Surface resistivity (ohm) ASTM D-0257 7.7 * 10^12


Technical Documents

TDS - PE-F6004

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