IGC-530AOI – Conformal Coating AOI Unit

IGC-530AOI is an AOI system that is specially designed to be used for conformal coating systems. Controlled effortlessly through a PC and user-friendly software interface, this system ensures simplicity and convenience with mouse-operated operations. Crafted with precision, the galvanized sheet welding rack features electrostatic powder spraying and painting for an airtight seal, reducing gas leakage. The conveying part boasts adjustable speeds from 0 to 3.5 meters/minute, utilizing high-hardness aluminum material and stainless steel chain transmission for durability. Manual conveying width adjustment within a 50-300mm range adds versatility. Equipped with a high-definition camera and autofocus capabilities, the device outputs HDMI video signals for impeccable inspection accuracy. With whole-line docking facilitated by SMT industry-standard SMEMA interfaces, the IGC-530AOI guarantees seamless signal integration with other devices, offering a holistic solution for superior conformal coating and inspection processes.

Features and benefits

  • Software Control: The PC software allows for easy operation with a mouse, offering simplicity and convenience.
  • Rack Construction: The rack is constructed from galvanized sheet welding and undergoes electrostatic powder spraying and painting for a sealed finish. An acrylic window provides visibility, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal and ease of access.
  • Conveyor System: The conveying speed is adjustable up to 3.5 meters per minute using high-hardness aluminum material. Stainless steel chain transmission ensures durability, with manual width adjustment ranging from 50-300mm. Two conveying methods are available – online and direct type – with Taiwan Yangming sensors to prevent misinduction.
  • Inspection Module: Equipped with a high-definition camera featuring autofocus capabilities and HDMI video signal output.
  • Integration Capabilities: The equipment features SMEMA interfaces compliant with SMT industry standards for seamless signal integration with other devices.


Properties IGC-530AOI
External dimensions L800mm x W800mm x H1700mm
Transmission height 910±20mm
Transportation speed 0 ~ 3500 mm/min (Adjustable)
Equipment power supply AC220V/ 50Hz/ 1.8kW
Conveying method Chain conveyor
Amplitude modulation method Hand operated adjustment
Component height Up and down: ± 110mm
PCB board size Max. L300 x W300 mm
Lighting part Equipment comes with its own lighting source
Detection section Equipped with a high-definition camera, taking photos, comparing, and the device automatically determines NG/ OK
Equipment weight Approx. 120kg
Equipment power supply AC220V 50Hz
Total power of equipment 0.2kW

Technical Documents

IGC-530AOI Technical Data Sheet

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