GCS - Gluditec Cobot Superior

Take Your Productivity to a Superior Level

Gluditec Cobot Superior Series is a platform-level cobot that provides enhanced safety, ease of use, high expandability, and ensures rapid ROI.

Safe and Effective

GCS Series integrates over 20 configurable safety functions, including position, speed, force, and power. Moreover, the cobot’s extended wrist has been designed to prevent pinching to ensure higher safety requirements.

High Versatility

The 8-pin connector with a standard interface. Additionally, the 4 configurable digital IO support NPN, PNP, and Push/Pull output. Therefore, GCS can provide broad EoAT compatibility and enhanced flexibility.

Enhanced UX

Java-based software interface with easy and intuitive navigation. Besides, the Python-based programming language also enables users to monitor, control, and program more flexibly.

Unmatched Expandability

Lastly, the creation of the optimal cobot solution for every demand becomes possible through the increase in the number of IO ports and expanded communication capabilities.

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