Lắp ráp chi tiết cuối cùng CMM

Image Sensor

  • VCM to sensor bonding
  • FPC grounding
  • FPC anchoring
  • Enclosure bonding
Final assembly fluid applications are critical to increasing first pass yields for CCMs. They generally involve three key steps — bonding the VCM module to the image sensor, grounding the flexible printed circuit board (FPC), and anchoring the FPC to the camera. Failure in any of these steps results in rejects. Bonding the VCM to the image sensor is the most demanding since alignment of the image sensor and lens barrel is crucial to camera functionality. Misalignment of a few degrees can, depending on the design, mean the difference between a quality CCM and scrap. Therefore, highly accurate dispensing is essential. Grounding and anchoring the FPC also require consistent, repeatable dispensing results, as does bonding the enclosure to the VCM. Each of these applications can be achieved with a dispenser, dispense valve, or jet valve. However, one method may be better than the others depending on production volume and other requirements. It’s important to consult an experienced fluid application specialist to determine the ideal solution.

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