How Speed, Positional Accuracy, and Automated Optical Inspection Take Dispensing to the Next Level

In our last blog post, What is a Desktop Automated Dispensing System, we defined automated fluid dispensing systems. In this blog post, you will learn the advantages of using desktop automated dispensing systems and what accessories they offer to improve your production process.

A Closer Look at the Advantages of Automated Dispensing


Many manufacturers will switch to an automated dispensing approach because they need to speed up production. Desktop dispensing robots and gantry robots can offer an easy solution and are often an easy addition to an existing manufacturing line, rotary table, or conveyor-fed assembly line. Our robots range in speed from 500 / 250 mm/s with our entry-level Series up to 800/ 250 mm/s with our most advanced Series. The cost upfront might be more than a manual dispensing method, but the true value is realized as you increase production. With the help of robots, you’re able to produce more products of greater quality, in less time than it takes when manually applying assembly fluids.

Positional Accuracy/Repeatability

Many manufacturers in automotive and consumer electronics industries have substrates that are delicate or require a high amount of precision and repeatability to avoid rejects. We also see this in the medical industry where industry standards are strict and product consistency is essential to meet regulations. Out of all our robots, the advanced line delivers the greatest accuracy with positional repeatability at ± 0.004 mm for the advanced Series and ± 0.003 mm for the advanced+ Series. The difference in repeatability between the two robots is in relation to the advanced Series having a stepper motor and belt drive and the advanced+ Series having a servomotor and ball screw drive.

Overall, incorporating a robot into your dispensing process can make it more repeatable, therefore more reliable. This can provide peace of mind that there is one less thing to worry about on the production floor.

Closed-loop Feedback

Pattern recognition, which changes the dispensing path based on product orientation, is available on all vision-guided dispensing systems. The closed loop feedback system ensures that once the robot is set to an X, Y, Z location, the robot will then confirm this location is the correct one. This allows operators to set-it and forget it and use their energy elsewhere.

On the surface, automated dispensing systems offer obvious improvements to any dispensing line that manual processes simply cannot. Aside from these more widely known benefits, there are also accessories that either come with the robot or can be added to simplify programming or easily verify deposit accuracy and placement.

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