Nowadays, potting, dispensing, and also sealing are steps involved in almost every manufacturing industry such as electronics, automobile, clothing and shoes, accessories, so on. Together with the development and raising production rate of manufacturing process, the material filling system is also improved more and more about both multi-function and convenient design.

From the very first manual dispensing system which consists of only two parts: controller and material ejecting syringe is not suitable for mass production, thanks to the continuous development of science and technology, there has been a fully automatic visual filling system with vision equipment functioned as human eyes.


Generally speaking, this kind of vision system includes lighting system, lens, camera system and image processing system which help to eliminate complicated operation, low speed and precision of traditional robot integrated only system.

So why vision potting system benefits production lines?

  • Under the same capacity, compared with traditional manual dispensing one, it could save a lot of labour cost of 8-10 employees.
  • Simplify the operation by automatically identifying capacity of vision system so as to increase 8-10 times efficiency
  • Increasing precision of dispensing volume
  • High running accuracy, repeatability up to 0.01 mm
  • Dispensing at a closed space so as to reduce damage of toxic substance to human body
  • No mold needed: through computer programming, camera would automatically scans and locates at 360 degrees
  • Solve the problems relating to recruiting, training labour

Especially, on the production line, manual operation could cause errors due to fatigue and some other certain problems. However, the visual material filling system is different. By setting up the program, no matter how complicated the dispensing process, it could always be stable and fast. To sum up, accuracy and speed is two main advantages of vision dispensing system which are also the most essential factors in modern manufacturing process.

Feature Vision 2K Dispensing System


  • Ultra-high precision double cylinder plunger pump, glue stable and easy to use
  • High-precision CCD vision capture and positioning
  • Vaccum feeding for automatically eliminate air bubble issue
  • Various extra function: Liquid-sensor and alarm, automatic cleaning, material heating, anti-curing procedure


  • Intelligent identification of multiple products
  • Large working area, double material feeding station & CCD camera
  • Modular design for easy maintenance
  • Various extra function: Liquid-sensor and alarm, automatic cleaning, material heating, anti-curing procedure


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