Mô-đun động cơ cuộn dây dao động (VCM)

Voice Coil Motor VCM Module

  • Coil to carrier bonding
  • F spring to carrier bonding
  • B spring to carrier bonding
  • Magnet to yoke bonding

The VCM module provides the auto-focus and image stabilization capability of the CCM. As such, it has a complex structure with multiple pieces that flex and move. Some VCM modules require more than 12 dispense points.

Fluid must be placed in specific locations and in specific amounts. Too little material will not adequately bond the pieces, causing the assembly to fail. Too much material will impede movement, also causing the assembly to fail.

It’s not surprising that needle valves such as the GV-530SP and jet valves such as the GV-510 are often used to dispense fluids that hold the VCM module together. Needle valves provide the precise, repeatable microdeposits required. Jet valves achieve consistent microdeposits with greater accuracy at higher speeds.

Fluid dispensers provide reliable, repeatable dispensing for VCM applications that don’t require strict deposit tolerances. Dispensing Controller can apply fluids that valves simply cannot due to the abrasive or filled nature of the fluid. Dispensers are also easy to maintain. They only require discarding the syringe barrel and dispense tip after use.

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