Hệ thống tra keo mô-đun lens máy ảnh

Lens Module

  • Lens to lens barrel bonding
  • Lens barrel to VCM bonding
The lens module has very unique dispensing requirements. The main application involves bonding the lens to the lens barrel, which holds multiple lenses. Some key requirements must be met to achieve a controlled process.

Exceptional deposit uniformity

Since the amount of light filtered through the lens impacts image quality, each deposit must be uniform so that it does not migrate onto the surface of the lens.

Precise deposit placement

The design of the lens barrel requires exact deposit placement around the edge of the barrel wall to hold the lens in place. Typically, a jet valve is used to dispense precise amounts of adhesive at the edge of the barrel wall. GLUDITEC jetting system provides the most accurate deposits at the highest speed. When integrated with our GVR Series dispensing robot, this valve meets the exacting deposit placement requirements of lens module assembly.

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