Achieve up to 50% increase in performance with underfill system

In the rapidly evolving manufacturing industry, particularly in the electronics, semiconductor, and PCB assembly sectors, manufacturers are constantly seeking ways to automate the underfill system to achieve high efficiency and cost reduction.

One of the most common challenges in this field is the requirement for high precision and absolute meticulousness in underfill applications. Let’s explore what manufacturers have achieved after implementing GLUDITEC’s underfill system.

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1. Limitation of manual underfill dispensing

Currently, manufacturers face numerous challenges in the underfill system. If done manually, this application:

  • Consumes a significant amount of time and labor due to varying skill levels of workers who must handle multiple tasks simultaneously, such as ensuring accurate volume of the underfill material and appropriate dispensing speed, while also controlling temperature, pressure, and time to maintain high structural integrity and quality of the underfilled material.
  • Results in inaccuracies and errors due to inconsistencies in the volume of underfill material dispensed into chips and circuit boards during manual operations.
  • Encounters difficulties in quality control and process reliability, leading to additional time and resources being spent on rework or product inspections.
manual underfill system

To address these challenges, many manufacturers have implemented GLUDITEC‘s automated underfill system, significantly improving both the performance and the quality of the end products.

2. Superior Solution by GLUDITEC

GLUDITEC offers an exceptional solution for the underfill system by implementing an advanced automated underfill system. This automated system enables precise control over the underfill material by accurately regulating:

  • The volume of underfill material
  • Dispensing speed
  • Dispensing area
  • Rapid curing of the adhesive

⇒ This ensures a consistent and accurate process.

tự động hóa underfill

Additionally, GLUDITEC provides a diverse range of underfill adhesives that are suitable for various underfill applications, guaranteeing:

underfill system adhesive
  • Appropriate toughness and viscosity
  • Dispense-ability flow
  • Chloride content
  • Bonding capabilities
  • Filler loading
  • Flux compatibility

3. Success Achieved with GLUDITEC Solution

After implementing the GLUDITEC solution, manufacturers have experienced significant improvements. Production time has been greatly reduced from 30 seconds to just 20 seconds per product, resulting in a 50% increase in productivity. The accuracy and consistency of the process have been enhanced, reducing adhesive waste, excess materials, and saving material costs.

Furthermore, manufacturers have achieved remarkable milestones in production. Production time has been reduced by at least 30%, leading to improved efficiency and shorter lead times. Moreover, the quality and reliability of the products have been elevated, helping manufacturers strengthen their competitive position in the market.

Units per hour (UPH) has also increased by over 50%, surpassing the initially estimated increase of 10% to 30% or even higher depending on the manufacturer’s application. This has resulted in significant profits for businesses and established a solid foundation for future growth.

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