Catching up with global trends and developments is key of success of many companies as well as countries. In the modern era, there are four main trends being predicted to be become development trends of future manufacturing industries, they are:

  • Flexible manufacturing
  • From physics to information
  • From individual to group
  • Interconnection manufacturing

To achieve these goals, though each company has its own strategies, they all have the same purpose is to seize the opportunities in the new fourth industrial revolution to win a place in very competitive market. In order to put a hand in this effort, GLUDITEC is pleasure to introduce our Intelligent Dispensing Technology which is an indispensable component in modern dispensing system.

The integration of Industry 4.0 with industrialization and information

Industry 4.0 is basically a industrial development strategic which is to point to by make full use of information and communication technology and information physical systems (CPS), promote manufacturing to intelligent transformation.

Since connected machines collect a tremendous volume of data that can inform maintenance, performance and other issues, as well as analyze that data to identify patterns and insights that would be impossible for a human to do in a reasonable timeframe, Industry 4.0 offers the opportunity for manufacturers to optimize their operations quickly and efficiently by knowing what needs attention. Once identified and fixed the issues, manufacturers would be able to increase their yield by twice or third.

Our intelligent material controlling integrated I.O.T Technology

The introduction of the core technology “intelligent dispensing” technology is the new scientific and technological achievements of our equipment integration, such as new sensor, artificial intelligence, embedded industrial computer, vision system, mobile internet, big data processing and so on. Those achievement realize the five major functional modules of computing, communication, controlization, remote coordination and autonomy to promote customers to personalized needs, process differences, customized production, digital workshop, so as to achieve intelligent material potting process.

Especially, the whole of this process would be done through a physical information system (CPS) including intelligent devices creating closely interconnection among people, between program and program, service and service as well as operator and equipment. Thanks to these intelligent devices and programs, manufacturers could easily reform the process flow, production mode, product structure, realize the resources, information, equipment and people’s issues. As a result, creating a customized and flexible factory is within reach.