What is the 2K Adhesive Dispensing System?

The 2K dispensing process is a complex and demanding procedure that requires high precision and material isolation from the external environment. Therefore, to address all the challenges in the 2K dispensing process, manufacturers need an optimal solution.

In this article, GLUDITEC will introduce the 2K dispensing system and explain why choosing this automated system is crucial for batch production.

1. What is the 2K Adhesive Dispensing System?

The 2K Meter-mixing and Dispensing System (2K Adhesive Dispensing System) is an automated system designed to accurately and uniformly supply and distribute adhesive. It meets various specific requirements for different applications.

The basic components of 2K dispensing system include:

  •  Material supply
  • Metering unit
  • Applicator
  • System controller
  • System options

The 2K adhesive dispensing system is widely applied in various industries such as automotive, electronics, packaging, construction, and many other manufacturing sectors. In addition to increasing productivity, quality, and consistency in the adhesive application process, this system also minimizes waste and errors associated with manual execution.

2. How does the 2K Adhesive Dispensing System work?

The components of the 2K adhesive dispensing system work together towards a common goal of accurately dispensing the predetermined amount of adhesive set by the user. It goes through the following main steps:

  1. Transfer adhesive to the container: The initial adhesive from a 20-200L container is transferred to another container within the system using manual methods or specialized adhesive suction devices.
  2. Create pressure and push adhesive: When the pump is activated, the pumping system starts creating pressure to push the adhesive through the tubing to the pump head. The pumping system ensures precise amounts of each adhesive component to achieve maximum performance once the adhesive cures.
  3. Mix adhesive: The adhesive flows into the mixer tube to combine the 2 adhesive components, creating a complete adhesive mixture.
  4. Dispense adhesive: The adhesive mixture is pumped through the pump head and delivered to the desired dispensing location. Some adhesive pumps may allow adjusting the dispensing pattern by changing the pressure or adjusting the nozzle.
  5. Automatic calculations: The entire process is automatically calculated after the user inputs parameters such as adhesive mixing ratio, adhesive pumping time, and the amount of adhesive dispensed per cycle through the touch screen interface of the 2K adhesive pump.
  6. Advanced options: To enhance performance and accuracy, businesses can install optional accessories and integrated systems such as image sensors, temperature control devices, sealing tools, gaskets, and repair kits.
Process 2K Adhesive Dispensing System

3. Benefits of 2K Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Some notable advantages of 2K adhesive dispensing systems include:

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  • Eliminate downtime and deliver high precision, thereby increasing work productivity and ensuring consistent quality throughout the entire production process.
  • Provide flexibility in manufacturing, with the ability to adjust the adhesive quantity, dispensing speed, pressure, and position to suit each product and application.
  • Help save time, resources, and optimize the manufacturing process.
  • Reduce material costs and machining cycle time by adjusting the appropriate adhesive quantity for each application, minimizing waste.
  • Combine various types of adhesives, improving their durability and strength (heat resistance, corrosion resistance, or chemical resistance), and meeting specific requirements for each application.
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4. Why should you use a 2K Adhesive Dispensing System?

In industries such as automotive, electronics, packaging, and construction, a 2K adhesive dispensing system is a crucial factor in ensuring output quality and production efficiency.

– Assembly of diverse components: Automating the adhesive dispensing system is a great choice for the assembly of various components in the electronics industry. This ensures high accuracy and reliable production efficiency.

– Improved working environment: Certain types of adhesives can be hazardous to workers’ health, and some adhesive application processes require uncomfortable positional movements. Therefore, installing an adhesive dispensing system helps improve the working environment and productivity of workers.

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– Continuous production with high precision: The 2K adhesive dispensing system enables continuous production with the ability to complete adhesive dispensing cycles quickly and repeatedly without the need for breaks, ensuring consistency and accuracy throughout the manufacturing process.

Compared to human workers, the repetitive nature of adhesive pumping cycles is affected by various factors such as fatigue, the need for rest intervals, and unskilled workers.


The 2K adhesive dispensing system is increasingly asserting its role in the adhesive manufacturing and application processes. It provides accuracy, flexibility, high efficiency, and saves time and resources.

With the continuous development of technology, the 2K adhesive dispensing system will continue to be improved to meet the growing demands of various industries. It will be a worthwhile choice for manufacturers.

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