The shadowed phenomenon (or shadow areas) refers to the products’ area that lies under other components, chips, or deeper-lying regions. This phenomenon causes a lot of challenges in the fluid dispensing process such as adhesive is not evenly distributed as well as not completely cured, etc. Which in turn, adversely affects the quality of the final products.

Refer to the below recommendations and experiences of GLUDITEC that may help you deal with shadow areas. You’ll stand a much better chance of achieving bonding results without potentially costly, messy, and frustrating trial and error.

1. Shadow Areas In Dispensing Process

Dispensing Tips

  • Consider the use of dispensing tips which are angled, or flexible, to deliver accurate, repeatable fluid dispensing lines in challenging applications or hidden parts of shadow areas
  • Better consistency, higher productivity, and decreased waste when dispensing
  • Stainless steel tips with plastic hubs are available in 45° and 90° bends
Dispensing tips for shadow areas

4-5 Axis Desktop Dispensing Robots

  • 360° rotation for ID and OD dispensing
  • Increase in efficiency and quality
  • Improve production output turnover
  • Reducing the number of rejected parts

2. Shadow Areas In Curing Process

When it comes to components with larger areas shadowed from the UV light, it is impossible to cure just with light – so we rely on dual cure mechanism. This mechanism combines the option of light-curing with another curing mechanism like heat or humidity to ensure reliable curing results.

Shadow Areas In Curing Process

3. Shadow Areas In Surface Treatment

Vacuum Plasma System

  • Low-pressure treating method
  • Higher plasma density
  • Plasma particles are generated by microwave
Vacuum Plasma System for shadow areas

Due to these highlight features, this Plasma system can eliminates shadow phenomenon, which allows the entire surface to be treated simultaneously.

Each dispensing system has different characteristics and technical requirements. Therefore, manufacturers should consult with automation experts and materials engineers to determine precisely the right solution to eliminate downsides of shadow areas in the dispensing process.

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