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Dispensing is recognized as a crucial procedure in various industries, particularly those that involve assembly. Consequently, the significance of finding innovative solutions for this process cannot be overstated. GLUDTEC constantly stays innovative in order to adapt to market challenges and provide optimal solutions to our manufacturing customers, as we recognize the rapid advancements in dispensing automation technology. This year, we are delighted to unveil our three primary technologies:

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5-axis Desktop Robot

5-axis dispensing robot

The utilization of a 5-axis robot is ideal for situations where there is a need for consistent alteration of dispensing angles and patterns on a workpiece. This is particularly beneficial in electronic industries where the workpiece is small and has intricate geometry.

Potential applications are form-in-place gasketing materials or staking electrical components on a PCB with a silicone RTV material in areas such as ledges, lips, and inside channels.

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The presence of a cobot allows for the execution of intricate movements that mimic those of a human arm. By taking on mundane and repetitive duties such as dispensing, the cobot significantly enhances the product’s quality. Additionally, tasking the cobot with such responsibilities enables employees to concentrate on more demanding assignments. This greatly influences personal drive and dedication towards the overall process.

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Cobot for 2K Dispensing System

Plasma Surface Treatment

Plasma Surface Treatment for Smart Warehouse

As sustainability and automated fabrication become increasingly popular in manufacturing, the use of plasma for surface treatment is also on the rise. Plasma offers a chemical-free and environmentally friendly cleaning process. Compared to chemical cleaning, plasma treatment is more easily automated, resulting in a significant improvement in manufacturing yield.

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3D Camera Integration

Dispensing with camera 3D and 2D

The implementation of a 3D camera enables the automatic detection and examination of the dispensing path. To achieve the best outcomes, it is crucial to maintain the appropriate consistency and quantity of the adhesive medium consistently, a task that proves challenging for human workers. Thanks to the exceptional assistance provided by a precise 3D camera, our cobot station can apply adhesive paths with remarkable accuracy, thereby significantly enhancing the overall adaptability of the production line.

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