Cycle time is a key performance indicator (KPI) that helps Manufacturers get perspective on the efficiency of their production process.

Moreover, according to Mott Manufacturing Case Study, an organization’s pretax profits increased from 2% to 13% due to an in-depth understanding of cycle time. Therefore, gaining perspective on this indicator opens doors to possible improvements and competitive advantage in the market.  

GLUDITEC offers many systems according to the invested cost and desirable automatic level with the aim of reducing cycle time in dispensing process by focusing on: (1) Ensuring fast dispensing speed; (2) Removing unnecessary movement & transportation

1. Ensure Fast Dispensing Speed To Reduce Cycle Time

As dispensing speed directly affects the cycle time, the first solution is: Ensuring the combination of Speed + Accuracy + Additional features in a dispensing process to:

  • Effectively shorten dispensing time
  • Minimize downtime
  • Increase the dispensing efficiency
  • Decrease failure and rejection

Jetting Valve

  • Higher speed with no Z-axis movement

  • Shorten the valve changing time due to its flexibility in materials & speed

Jetting Valve to reduce cycle time

Dispensing Robots

  • Ensure speed, repeatability & precision
  • Available in 3-6 axes configurations
  • Special options to speed up the process:
Special Options to reduce cycle time

2. Remove unnecessary Movement & Transportation to reduce cycle time

In Lean Production, there are 2 types of waste we need to consider:

Transport waste

Motion waste
Unnecessary movement of material from one workstation to the other  Unnecessary movement by workers. It does not add any value to the product or process

The use of a Fully Automated System can help manufacturers deal with these 2 types of waste as it can:

  • Increase dispensing speed
  • Huge long-term cost reduction
  • Better dispensing quality control
  • Fewer mistakes and damages

Standalone Vacuum Potting System

FAD-680 to reduce cycle time

2K Mixing and Dispensing System

GOC-2000 to reduce cycle time

One-man-operator Conformal Coating System

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