WB2111 SMT Tools Cleaning Agent

WB2111 represents an advanced water-based cleaning solution, formulated with a blend of surfactant, penetrant, degreaser, and corrosion inhibitor. This product is the result of self-driven high-tech innovation, tailored specifically for the cleaning of printing stencil steel mesh, copper mesh, and plastic. It effectively removes misprinted or not yet cured solder paste residues found on the Internet and PCBs. Importantly, it does not contain any substances banned by environmental regulations (ODS) or substances prohibited under RoHS standards. Furthermore, it is environmentally friendly due to its biodegradable nature, non-flammable characteristics, and safe storage capabilities. Essentially, WB2111 is an eco-friendly water-based cleaner.


This product is suitable for cleaning misprinted and uncured solder paste residues on printed stencil steel mesh, copper mesh, plastic mesh, and PCB.

Features and benefits

  • Efficiently sanitize welding fixtures, tools, and removable components of wave and reflow furnaces using a solution that offers rapid cleaning capabilities and impressive outcomes.
  • This solution is highly compatible with various materials, including fixtures and tools, ensuring no harmful reactions occur.
  • Utilizing deionized water as its solvent, it boasts a non-flammable property making it safe for both use and transport. This environmentally friendly product is entirely devoid of halogens, adhering to the standards set by ROHS, REACH, and other environmental protection guidelines.
  • It poses no risk to the environment or human health due to its non-toxicity and ability to biodegrade. With its broad processing scope and effective cleaning strength, it is suitable for a vast array of cleaning techniques, machinery, and procedures.


Typical properties

Properties Value     
Appearance Transparent or turbid liquid
Specific Gravity (g/cm3 @200C) 0.985 ± 0.020
pH 12.5 ± 1.00
Cleaning Temperature (0C) 30 ~ 60
Flammability No
RoHS Pass
Halogen (ppm) ND

Direction of use

Cleaning method Cleaning fluid      Type Drying method
Spray WB2111 Deionized water Hot air circulation
Specific Gravity (g/cm3 @200C) WB2111 Deionized water Hot air circulation
pH WB2111 Deionized water Hot air circulation
Cleaning Temperature (0C) WB2111 Deionized water Hot air circulation
  • Typically, cleaning involves methods such as ultrasonic and spray cleaning, with minor components being immersed and manually cleaned. The duration for cleaning ranges from 15 to 30 minutes, though this can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the item being cleaned.
  • It’s best to maintain the temperature of both the cleaning solution and rinse water between 45 to 55°C, again adjustable based on what’s being cleaned.
  • Over time, residues will accumulate in the cleaning solution, diminishing its effectiveness and reducing the cleanliness of the components post-wash. To counteract this, it’s necessary to regularly supplement or completely change the cleaning solution in use (this frequency depends on usage volume).
  • Similarly, residues will build up in the rinse water over time, affecting the cleanliness outcome of rinsed items. To maintain optimal cleanliness levels, it is advised to replace the rinse water every four hours or so, though this may vary based on actual usage and the number of items cleaned.

Technical Documents

WB2111 Technical Data Sheet

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